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    Oracle SQL/management tool with GNU License

    I started this project to learn Java long time ago when I worked for Oracle. It was started with a very simple SQL editor, which was too boring and I added a syntax highlight function just to make it look better. With similar idea, I implemented other functions one by one and eventually it becomes a quite decent software for my application ever I built.

    Swing worked well but I did not like the appearance so that I gave it a try on my Mac G4. It was worth to try and the below screenshot is the output.

    I simply named it PrettyKid as I had a domain name, which I kept for my daughter. (Yes. The girl in the left panel is her.) I started to distribute PrettyKid with GNU license. Chris Taylor, a Canadian Java programmer, wrote pklite SQL Client based on my code.

    Prettykid has most generic functions to monitor Oracle DB and edit SQL statements. This is quite old but it still works fine. Having said that I recommend to use this for study purpose only as I have not upgraded this for long time. If you are interested in Java programming for database (not just Oracle but also other databases), this could be a very good reference.

    No matter what GNU license reads, I would be grateful if I hear from you that you play with my code. Enjoy!

    Prettykid has following features:

    Syntax highlight
    Multiple connections (MDI)
    Multiple windows per DB user
    Remembering SQL statements (30 per window)
    Saving as Excel file (csv format)
    Including DBA scripts
    Monitoring SGA
    Explain plan

    Next version of Prettykid will have:

    Running the SQL script file
    Executing stored procedures
    Additional server monitoring module with charts
    Reporting DBMS status everyday for DBA
    Including PL/SQL editor